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Svetoservis is a leader in metropolitan area lighting services and lighting appliances manufacturing in Russia. High market demand has lead to overloading of existing management and decreased quality of customer services. Overbooking of manufacturing facilities created problems with delivery schedules, increased costs of warehousing. Project management suffered from the lack of mid-management flexibility in decision-making.
  • Create a management structure that will address company’s problems with in-time delivery.
  • Enhance quality assurance of production manufacturing in order to raise competitiveness and effectiveness.
  • Formalize existing business processes and to create advanced and flexible governance structure according to them.
  • Management practices were streamlined according to the requirements of international standards.
  • Business policies and operational mechanisms, that allow permanent improvements and necessary innovations without manageability deterioration, have been implemented.
  • Quality management processes were specified and re-defined.
  • Project management system elements  were introduced to customer service practice of the company.
  • Company’s management system has been certified for ISO 9001:2000 conformance by one of the leading and internationally recognized certification authorities.
  • Company business has grown significantly without manageability deterioration.
  • The company became more attractive for investments, several talks on potential acquisition are started.