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We treasure our Client relations!

Large oil&gas industry infrastructure developer looks for operational margins increase in order to maintain competitive growth. The business also needed more business process transparency to meet the level of customer’s expectations and be admitted to the large, strategic projects of the Clients (RAO Gazprom et al.).
  • Define and formalize business processes, create company’s growth strategy.
  • Provide effective and reliable client relations.
  • Raise business capitalization for perspective mergers and acquisitions.
  • Business processes and governance structure analysis.
  • Core processes definition and formalization.
  • Governance structure development.
  • Motivation system developed and installed.
  • Overall fixed costs reduction and profitability increase.
  • Admition to the bidding for to the large-scale infrastructural projects has been achived (bids won: Oil-trunk pipeline construction from east Siberia to the Pacific ocean; Suger-Hadjert-Ennus (Aljeria) gas pipeline construction).
  • The company shareholders enjoyed a profitable sale of majority stake in the business to a subsidiary of RAO Gazprom.