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The company was an old, used and rare books seller with steady cash flow but low profitability. Stakeholders decided to prepare the business for the IPO in order to achieve a reasonably profitable exit.

Conduct an analysis of existing governance system, optimize it in order to manage internal costs, develop logistics automation to support the network of existing outlets, get the business prepared for the IPO, within the budget for management changes.

  • Business processes have been documented; cost- and profit- centers have been allocated.
  • KPI-based (Key Performance Indicators) motivation system introduced.
  • Business processes have been optimized, requirements and specifications for sales automation system have been developed.
  • Competitive market analysis led to business expansion into the Continental Europe, which was achieved by installation of on-line sales system.
  • Follow-up has been provided on the stages of development, installation and maintenance of the automated sales system.
  • Costs of personal and logistics have been cut; clients service cycle has been shorten.
  • The company has expanded it’s business to European market and doubled the number of clients.
  • The company’s turnover has grown up by 70% in a year.
  • Business has been bought by the leading  competitor (Alibris Inc.) in short time after market was made aware about the future IPO.