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Value management

ADJ Consulting offers multi-model business valuation, primarily based on the widely accepted and theoretically sustained valuation method: income valuation or discounted cash flow (DCF) method. However, for the vibrant emerging markets of the ex-USSR countries we strongly recommend to make thorough cross-relation of DCF-derived numbers to same business valuations built on comparables and multipliers, specific to the industry.

ADJ values businesses based on official data as well as on industry insights, available to our experts. Our cross-industry Business Dossier Database (BDD) includes over 3000 businesses across the former USSR countries. Our experts are keen to investigate corporate value drivers based both on official reporting, local market knowledge and insider’s information.

ADJ offers VMS (Value Management Scale) approach for the businesses striving for the best offering from direct investors or M&A candidates. ADJ expertise helps to gradually increase business’ economic value by measurable and controlled changes of corporate governance.

ADJ’s consultants participated in succesful value management projects in Russia, UK, Czech Republic and Kazakhstan.