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We treasure our Client relations!

A new business has been created to develop and supply software for telecommunication solutions. Existing processes have not been formalized, resulting in significant fulfillment difficulties. Customer requirements have not been met within the schedule and with requested quality.
  • To create management system, that will allow higher project on-time fulfillment rates.
  • To increase overall customer satisfaction of the growing business.
  • To raise business valuation and market recognition.
  • Management procedures were built to comply with the requirements of international standards.
  • Business processes were targeted to customer satisfaction as major criteria.
  • Mechanisms of permanent improvements have been implemented.
  • Motivation policy was reorganized to harmonize individual and corporate goals.
  • Necessary project management procedures have been implemented.
  • Management processes were streamlined according to ISO 9001:2000 requirements.
  • Company’s management system has been certified by one of the leading and internationally recognized certification authorities.
  • The deviation between planned and actual terms of project completion has been reduced.
  • Customer relations of the company stabilized and enhanced.