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Physicon is a large Russian IT company that develops a wide range of products for international markets. Business processes of the company need to be harmonized with a contracting party in USA.
  • To reorganize management structure in order to match international customer’s expectations.
  • To introduce the processes of tracking escalating requirements of potential customers.
  • To deploy the policy of systematic adjustments of company’s operations in accordance with the world best known practices.
  • Management structure has been refurbished to comply with the requirements of international standards and company’s customer’s requirements.
  • Mechanisms of permanent improvements have been implemented.
  • Policy of innovating business processes was introduced.
  • Necessary conditions for project management automation’s were created and subsequent activities launched within the company to upgrade project management practice to fully automated status.
  • Governance process was streamlined according to ISO 9001:2000 requirements.
  • Company’s management system has been certified by one of the leading and internationally recognized certification authorities.
  • US customers confirmed business processes compliance and offered Physicon larger scale of jobs.
  • Company’s assessed value increased, alongside with the number of projects.