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Young company with a significant potential in the field of information systems development. Business processes have not been specified and properly managed, resulting in delivery difficulties. Customer requirements have not been fully met.
  • To introduce the management system, that will allow flawless scaling of the company’s business.
  • To raise business capitalization and make the business more attractive for potential investors.
  • Management procedures, compliant with the requirements of international standards, were implemented.
  • Business processes were targeted to provide for the in-time service delivery.
  • Mechanisms of permanent improvements have been implemented.
  • Necessary project management elements have been improved or implemented.
  • Management processes were streamlined according to ISO 9001:2000 requirements.
  • Company’s management system has been certified by one of the leading and internationally recognized certification authorities.
  • Production costs have been reduced.
  • Company’s assessed value has grown, along with the number of clients.